Why men always dominate

In a relationship sometimes there are some things that can’t be explained easily or it occurs naturally without knowing the cause. Genders sometimes become a cause that makes someone look impressed or dominate. And why men always dominate?

The reasons seem masculine

Men sometimes feel himself beings always should be rewarded or has a high prestige. When choosing a mate, he chose the woman who wants to understand him and the woman who can always appreciate him. While this is sometimes men seem to dominate because it set her partner to keep his pride.

Emotional reasons

In terms of emotions, men and women certainly are different beings. With it, then the men’s point of view way more simple and don’t bother and it is thus very inversely proportional to viewpoints and emotions of women. Such viewpoints sometimes makes men become indifferent or do not want to listen women continue to complain. And this is what makes a woman make she feel unfettered whereas assessment of the man attitude dominates.

The capture step

At the time of this technologically equivalent, it’s not unusual anymore if women have a better career. And when women and men decided to establish a more serious relationship like a marriage, it is not uncommon that woman must yield in terms of career and should prefer the household affairs. And this is what makes the man look dominating men in terms of the seizure of a step in a career.

That’s the 3 things that make why men always dominate. But to remember is a relationship is not a competition but rather team up for happiness together.

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