What you should do when she refuse to respond

Many of us have been in the situation where we text our girl and she does not reply back and we just wait and wait and wait some more thinking and planning what to do. However, the things that you can do are not so difficult and are very much successful at her replying back and not making you seem like a clingy guy.

Start with waiting for a day. If you have left her two or three messages and she has not replied to a single text of your yours then it is better to call it a day and do not send her anymore texts for that day, she might be busy or there must be something in her mind and giving her the time to think things through is a good option.

However, you should not wait for two or three days to throw another text. If she still has not replied when one whole day has passed then it is appropriate that you either leave another text or better yet, call her and ask about her wellbeing.

Do not push it, if you talk to her and she seems as if she was busy with work and stuff then it is no need to press to the point that why didn’t she reply to your texts. She will realize eventually that you also need her time, but no need to be a pusher in that matter.

Do not right away ask if she got your last text. This does not create a good impression on the girls and they consider such men to be clingy,

Remember, she has a life of her own too and may need some private time too. It is absolutely okay if she delays her replies sometimes. However, if it is a habit and you are always getting replies the next day then you better start thinking about where you stand.

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