What to wear on a first date – For Women

When it comes to going out, women usually send a good portion of the day deciding what to wear. And when it is an important matter as a first date, well the decision making and the preparation can start from the night before. Every girl can relate to this. Here are some tips on what a woman should wear on a first date.

  • Nothing to flashy

We know that you want the man to like you and all, but showing too much skin on a first date is a big no! This also includes heavy makeup. If you want to wear backless or a low cut in the front, make sure that you wear it with a maxi skirt or jeans. Blend it. Save the skin for later dates.

  • Wear your style

You are unique, and so is your style. Only you know how to carry yourself. Wear something that makes yourself “you”. Instead of thinking what is the dress code of a first date, always opt for something that you know would suit best on you.

  • Go for comfort

Choose a comfortable dress. This is because when you will be comfortable with the dress, you will comfortable from the inside and out. This will let you be confident.

  • Emphasis on the footwear

Do not leave the shoes alone. They are the basic and the most important accessory that depict a lot about you, your taste and your personality. Wear a footwear that goes well with the dress and is appropriate for the venue.

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