What Qualities Men Look for in Women

It is a very common perception of women that men are only attracted by the body of a women. long legs, fair skin, shiny hair are not the only qualities that men want in a woman, there are other things too that men look for in women. Here is what the studies say that what actually do men look for in women.

It is interesting to know that on the top of the list is reliability. They want a woman, a partner who is reliable. For men, it is important that they can have someone they can rely on and who would be trustworthy for them.

Then comes being knowledgeable and intelligent. Yes, men do go for beauty with brains and they are not just looking for someone that has the looks of a supermodel, but also someone who has a brain similar to that of Einstein. It is one of the most important quality of a women that men want in their women and this surely turns them on big time.

Next, they want a woman who is emotionally stable. You might not want to put up the show of a damsel in distress in front of him. They want a woman who is emotionally stable as well as, energetic and practical. They like it when women understand them and are practical enough to know how to go about with various situations. As much as men want to lead and be in control, they want their woman to be a person who is not easily led by emotions.

So ladies, work on these things too and obviously your killer looks will do the rest of the job.

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