Tasteful Tips to let him that you like him!


Do you have someone you love? And you want him to know that you like him? Read the tips below on how to let him know that you liked it.

  1. Always help him when he needs you.

When she asks for your help. You don’t hesitate to help her and help her with the sweet smile so he feels you’re happy to help her. The guy you like will certainly feel happy if he needs you, you were always there at his side.

  1. Give him praise.

Man very happy if someone is praising, for example, who praised his performance. Sometimes you can praise him, e.g. “Wow has bought a new dress? It is suitable for you “or” this dish you made? Delicious and not too spicy “always give praise-praise lightly, but you don’t have to praise excessively, because it will give the impression that not good. Mild praise you do for the guy you like will make her feel appreciates and cared for.

  1. Give special attention.

Who’s not happy when the note? Although there is a guy who Justin once, surely the man will be happy if always cared for. For example, when the rainy season, you could remind him to wear a jacket and went home not too night. If she does not look healthy, you could ask him if he’s alright. You can show little concern. The very man Justin once would feel happy if you give special attention.

  1. You can share food with him.

When you feel the confusion to begin talks you can take a pack of snack and share with him, that way you can easily start a conversation with him.

  1. Touch it.

If you don’t want to touch anything, as long as appropriate and not excessive. For example, when you hear the joke is awesome, you can slowly shuffle him saying, “you are from the first very funny” or for example when he was getting into trouble, you can touch the shoulders and saying that he could get through it all.

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