Why he is not texting you back?

Have you ever found yourself in the situation when you text your guy and he just does not reply? You leave a trail of messages and receive no reply at all. This can be frustrating and confusing too as you do not know what could be the reason behind the total silence. Here are some of the reasons that sometimes men do not reply to your messages at all.

  1.      He is bored by your texts

Do your textual conversations follow the same pattern every day? If yes, then you might want to change it and talk about more interesting things. He might just be bored with the usual and regular texts every day. Read more

Remember the dates

By dates here we mean actual calendar dates. As it happens that we get so stuck in work and day to day activities that we often forget some of the most significant dates that revolve around our lives. This is especially true for men. Here we are not talking about public holidays. Those are not the ones that may get you in trouble when forgotten. We are talking about personal events of life and the dates concerning those events. Read more

What you should do when she refuse to respond

Many of us have been in the situation where we text our girl and she does not reply back and we just wait and wait and wait some more thinking and planning what to do. However, the things that you can do are not so difficult and are very much successful at her replying back and not making you seem like a clingy guy.

Start with waiting for a day. If you have left her two or three messages and she has not replied to a single text of your yours then it is better to call it a day and do not send her anymore texts for that day, she might be busy or there must be something in her mind and giving her the time to think things through is a good option. Read more

What to wear on a first date – For Women

When it comes to going out, women usually send a good portion of the day deciding what to wear. And when it is an important matter as a first date, well the decision making and the preparation can start from the night before. Every girl can relate to this. Here are some tips on what a woman should wear on a first date. Read more

Do you miss her? Check Out our tips

Nostalgic indeed becomes the thing that often happens the pad loyal people, including in a romantic relationship. Nostalgic indeed becomes a sweet condiment in a relationship, but if you can’t control it so longs will only hurt both sides.

  • If you missed her, then you will feel something like this:
  • All the things you see, then you will be reminded on a figure of her
  • Find out information about her from the people closest
  • Her face always on detiap you imagine the opportunity

Read more

7 Dating Tips

Dating is a thing to be prepared or conceived because it will be a determinant of the future relationship romance lived. The following are 7 Tips, Dating to succeed:

  1. Telling of Childhood

Communication is indeed needed to do when dating, but you should choose a topic so that the talks being conducted into not peeve. With recounts his childhood, it will minimize the possibility for the make upset. Read more