Lessen the Drama, Increase the Bonding

It is a very common dilemma among many of women that we think that if we play hard to get and if we become hard and unapproachable and non negotiable in arguments, our guy might want us more. It is the nature of women that we make men squirm and we want to prove to them that they did something wrong and should now make it right and perfect even it is just a very tiny thing. There are times when we just enjoy throwing tantrums because then you guys give us all the attention we want.

However, to every lady who does this should know that it is not a very good approach to claim his attention. You may grab his attention and care for some time, but doing so every now and then will eventually drag him away from you.

It is not a matter of gaining attention, you should also be the one giving him your wholehearted time, care, love, and attention. It is a time when you can grow and strengthen your bond, you should cherish your time with him and make every moment the most beautiful moment of each other’s life. When you throw unnecessary tantrums, it just ruins the moment and make you seem like an immature person in his eyes. He may not say so but he would eventually want to get away. Men want peace and caring and they definitely want their women to be less dramatic.

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Make your way to his Heart

This is for all the girls who want to make their relationship more strong and want to make their way to his heart and be a permanent resident there. It is one of the best feelings to be loved by him even more than you love him. However, it should also be kept in mind that in order to achieve that state you will have to do your part. Relationship are not just about sex, there is more to it.

A key to a man’s heart starts with trust. You have to make sure that you do not betray his trust at any cost. Be the person he can openly confide in, without having to worry that his secrets will be disclosed. When your man tells you a bit about himself that he has never told to anyone, then it becomes your obligation that you do not pass it on to anyone else. He confided in you for a reason and you have to respect that.

Moreover, it is always the small gestures that affect the most. Take care of his little needs. He may not say so, but there might be something he likes you do, such as you wearing a specific color, try to wear his favorite color often. The basic key is to let him know that he means to you without using words and just using your actions. You can cook him his favorite meal after a long day, it does not have to be exhausting, but just a touch of love is all it takes to stir the feelings residing in his heart for you.

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Teary Relationship

Are you in a relationship? Do you think you think you are happy? However, do you find yourself crying over every tiny mishap, fight, argument? This is a very critical situation that you have to clearly look into and know that what has made your relationship this way.

Whether you are a girl or a boy, you should have a healthy relationship. And by a healthy relationship we mean that it should provide you bliss and happiness and should enhance your spirits. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you constantly find yourself crying over everything in a relationship then you really need to work it out.

Look for the cause of your unhappiness. If you think there is communication gap between you and your partner, then you should fix it by communicating your feelings more to your partner in a manner that would enhance your relationship.

However, if you find that your partner is not supportive of your emotional needs and does not encourage you to speak about your feelings, then it is a toxic relationship. You do not need this kind of negativity in your life. It is time that you say good Bye to the toxic material and say hello to your happiness.

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He misses you

Men are not very open when it comes to feelings. Often times, they themselves are not aware of what they are feeling as they consider certain feelings to not be a part of their entire emotional system. Yet, they are human beings and like all human being men too have feelings. However, the various ways that men express various feelings and sentiments is different from ladies. Let us talk about how a man expresses the feeling of missing the girl he loves.

Your man may not say it, but it would be obvious to you that he misses you when he does the following:

  1. Sends you mundane texts. He is a person and he clearly misses you and wants to talk to you. However, he does not know what to say therefore, he texts you whatever comes to his mind even if it is totally irrelevant stuff. Cherish this moment and take time out to talk to him.
  2. He gets angry at you. The reason here is that he is frustrated. He misses you and he does not know it and does not know how to deal with it. Therefore, he gets mad at you. Sounds paradoxical, but that is how men are when it comes to matters of heart.
  3. He asks for your pictures. These include morning pictures, bed time pictures and even the most random ones. He just wants to look at you and admire how beautiful his girl is.
  4. He complains you do not have time for him. This happens when he misses you and he feels that you are neglecting him. This is when he feels so down and sad that you are not with him that he clearly states his sadness.

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Do you Like Sexting?

Sex and romance go hand in hand. Your life and especially your relationship is incomplete if there is not a mix of romance and sex in it.
However, you cannot always have sex. But you can be romantic most of the time. This is when sexting comes in.
The first and foremost thing about sexting is that it is fun. And it is totally harmless. And the next best thing about sexting is that it a great way to spice things up between you and your partner.
Sexting is the only kind of sex in many long distance relationships. If your and your partner are away, and you need the physical connection with each other, then sexting comes to the rescue.
Moreover, even if you live in the same city, you can spice things up through sexting. The thing about this kind of sexting is that then it does not only remain flirtatious and sexy messages being sent between partners, it is a kind of foreplay. It enables both of them to look forward to each other and acts as an unspoken vow as to what might be expected later on. Sexting in such a case gives the couple to be prepared and ready and make their evening more fun and memorable.
It helps strengthen the bond of two people. You get to know a lot about the other person by the way they send you sext messages. You get to know if the person is your kind of kinky or not.
Sexting is the kind of pleasure that ensure just the appropriate amount of teasing and making moves at the same time.
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Don’t dwell in the past

Everyone has a past and it may have a good or a bad impact on people. The experiences of the past are very important as they teach a lot of things to people, especially when these experiences are your past relationships.

However, if you really ask yourself that is it a good idea to dwell in past relationships and talk about them when you just enter new ones. Well, the simple answer is no.

New relationships are about giving yourself a better chance at life, sure you have to tell your partner about the things that are related to your past that somehow shape your present and your future, but the idea is to indulge them when you are sure that your partner and you are ready to take that step. Never rush into the step where you tell each other the secrets of your past, it may be too soon and may not have a very good impact on your relationship. Therefore, a better idea is to see where your relationship leads you and then talk about everything in detail when you have reached that level of comfort.

Moreover, you on your part have to make yourself understand that what was done in the past should remain in the past and all the bad experiences should not impact your future. We all have bad things happened to u in our past and mistakes made that cannot be mended, however, they should not stop us from moving forward. However, there should be the determination not to make the same mistakes again.

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He Wants a Break

There may com a point in some couples life when your man may want to have a little break from the relationship. Often, a break is considered a red signal in a relationship. However, it is not the case always.

It is a fact that when a guys says that the relationship needs a break, it is not one of the things a girl wants to hear. However, this does not in any way mean that your relationship is over.

There is always something good hidden in even the worst phases of your life, and a break is one of them. The key is to look at it positively. It might not save your relationship at the end of your day, but it will be a very valuable lesson for you that will help you in the future.

When a guys wants a break, give him a break. At first ask him the reason, if you think that he should be given his space then be respectful to his wishes and tell him that you will do everything that would make him happy and if this is what makes him happy then you will comply.

One of the things to not do while on a break is do not get into another relationship. If you really want your man back and you want to prove to him that you are loyal and still care about him then make sure that you do not grab the opportunity to get into the very next relationship. Sleeping with someone while on a break is not considered cheating, however, it does not even put you in any good shoes. If your man would want to reconsider his decision, your one act will make him take a reverse swing on everything.

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When love someone truly

It is natural for humans that when they love someone truly, they start sacrificing things for their loved one because as the love grow, priorities change and priorities change from personal benefits to the happiness of their loved one because seeing them happy is more comforting than trying to gain happiness from any other source. How you make your partner feel special differs from case to case and situation to situation but it is an admitted fact that when we start liking someone, we offer them gifts as a gesture of friendship or something more than that.

Similarly, a man date many a girls in his life but finding the right one to date perhaps takes a lot of time or some lucky guys get their first date right and become partners for life on their first date. But first date is just the beginning of understanding between two persons. When two persons start meeting each other more often, things becomes more complex and only those two can come out of this happily who learn to compromise their differences and start appreciating their similarities.

This beautiful bond of relationship is not made all of a sudden, it takes a lot effort from both sides and a woman wants nothing but a caring, loving, sincere partner who can fulfill her needs in a better way and who can make her feel happy at any moment. Ukrainian women are truly the choice of most men all around the world and that’s all what they want from their partner.

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About men which you must have to know about

Man comes alone in this world, he has his personal needs to fulfill in this world but this doesn’t really mean that he will stay all his life alone. Whenever we talk about living beings, one thing to be noticed is that we do always think about pair, we talk about couples because we just can’t deny the fact that every living being in this world needs his better half to complete himself.

But finding your better half has a lot in the bucket list like there can be a woman which a man likes physically but she might not be of the same mentality as the man is looking in his partner. Out of approximately 7 billion people in the world, one man chooses one woman on average which perfectly matches his requirements.

Most Men look for a good looking, loyal and sincere partner. These 3 things are almost same for all the men around and other choices can vary from person to person. Internationally Ukrainian women are chosen the most for long-term relationships. Because Ukrainian are truly sexy with beautiful bodies and the best thing is their loyalty, sincerity and straight forwardness. If they commits with you once, they remain true to their partners. Because of their sexy looks and these characteristics, most men look towards Ukrainian women for long term relationship.

Dream One Love has solved this problem for international by providing an International Dating platform where you can talk to thousands of Ukrainian single women who are seeking men for Long-term relationships.

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Tips for Successful Dating

There are many people who want to take a shortcut and just skip the process of dating and take the highway. However, if you are looking for love and companionship, then you have to first have successful dates. This article is all about how you can make your dates successful.

  1. Know yourself

This is the most important thing when you start dating and if you want your dating period to be successful. You have to be very clear about who you are and what you want. Usually what happens is, people start looking for an ideal. All they think about is that what qualities should the other person have. However, the ideal scenario is that you know what qualities do you have and whether you match those qualities with your dating partner or not. This simple trick will make your dating life far more easier and successful.

  1. Be Direct

Some people play games, you do not have to play games. Be direct, if you like someone, ask them out on a date. It is that simple. When you are direct, you get a chance to analyze the situation and your feelings in a more appropriate manner.

  1. Take it slow

You know that feeling that when you are physically attracted to someone you consider it love and want to jump to level 10? Well, you should take things slow and discover this newly formed attraction for the other person. If the feelings and attraction is mutual, then it will eventually blossom into a beautiful relationship.

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