Reasons He is not Texting Back

Have you ever found yourself in the situation when you text your guy and he just does not reply? You leave a trail of messages and receive no reply at all. This can be frustrating and confusing too as you do not know what could be the reason behind the total silence. Here are some of the reasons that sometimes men do not reply to your messages at all.

  1. He is bored by your texts

Does your textual conversations follow the same pattern every day? If yes, then you might want to change it and talk about more interesting things. He might just be bored with the usual and regular texts every day.

  1. He just wanted sex

He just wanted sex, plain and simple. He was never the one for a real relationship and all his efforts were there to get you in his bed. When he saw that it was not possible, he lost interest. Move on from such a guy, he is not worth the effort anyway.

  1. He was never interested

It is not that he lost interest, he did not have any interest to begin with. You can easily point such men out by the way they text. If you receive one word responses from the beginning then it is a very big sign that he is not interested. A serious advice in such a situation is to move on and say good bye to the guy.

  1. He hates texting

Yes there are a lot of men who just hate to text. For them, it is just one of the “tasks” that they have to do and are too lazy to do it altogether.Do not panic, it does not mean that he does not care, he does care. Only that his mode of communication is not just texting.

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Things That Are Supposed To Happen On Real Dates That Do not Anymore

Beautiful dreaming when the date becomes commonplace to occur. However, because you are too excited or too happy sometimes you can’t control me to stay calm and make a date to become chaotic. Such things are of course not expected by anyone, so the following are tips to avoid Things That Are Supposed to Happen on Real Dates That Do not anymore or failure date:

  1. Do not become annoying

This is a very important thing for anyone and not only happens when out on a date only. In this case you are required to become wise in controlling attitude especially if located in a public place. Things you should not do are to mock the appearance of another person or denounce any act of other people because it will make your date very messy.

  1. Do not show the excessive interest

A sense of attraction is indeed the thing that should be highlighted but not need to overdo because aggressive you will be impressed. For example if you were talking about a restaurant that serves a special menu then you don’t need to invite your dating friends to go there the time near or definite because it will impress your friends and make a forced date you hates it.

Of course that’s the 2 important things to you control when on a date, if you do not want to date you messed up.

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How to Date Online Safely – 5 Useful Tips

Become a member at online dating sites are often people do to earn a pair. However, to keep in mind is that dating sites have the danger itself. If you’re not careful, can-can you stolen personal data until the lost money. Well, do not want it to happen? The following tips should you practice.

  1. make sure the trusted site
    do not select the origin site. Before you join, make sure the site is trusted. Especially if you must enter credit card information, you should check whether the site will protect the personal data of its members, one of them with a secure url (https instead of http).
  2. Check first privacy settingher
    before signing up; make sure that privacy will be protected by these sites. Don’t get information to third parties and check also whether you can choose the option not to receive advertising email and request that your personal data want to track.
  3. Protect your identity
    Protect your identity can be done by selecting a screen name/user name that does not identify who you are. Do not give a complete name, complete address, Office address, or date of birth. Try anyway to do give mobile number until you really feel safe and comfortable. To be sure, limit the personal information that you provide.
  4. Anonymous
    A number of dating sites offer anonymous communication technology that will protect identity until you feel ready. Take advantage of the.
  5. Follow your instinct
    if the person you’re talking to say something disrespectful, don’t hesitate to report to the admin site. When he was still reckless, just block all communication channels.

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How to Date in College

Dating on campus with a lover the same campus is indeed very nice. There is a for the campus, meet almost every day if the same lecture hours, round trip always shared lovers. But, on the other hand the lover in the same campus and dating on the campus are also prone to gossip-gossip. So you do not become negative gossip material on campus, here is a Tip on a date in one of the campus:

  1. The Big Fight

Other than a little bit like a child, fighting in the area campus only makes you and the beloved you look stupid. Yes when friends break up then finally definitely can understand but if finally the next day already seemed cordial again, will certainly be the talk of the negative.

2. PDA overdose.

His name is also a lover, much less often met then often close to us, there is always the same and in addition to the continued cordial lovers. But do not let the PDA (Public display of Attraction) as cuddle-hugs, spoiled, solely or even kiss. In addition to making steamy for the beholder, you can label people who cheap.

3. Being alone In Solitude.

No matter, whether the intention of meditating is actually done for the sake of the task of the campus and is not intended to ‘ nasty ‘, but in their eyes, you and your lover as if deliberately looking for somewhere quiet to messes.

4. Anytime, Anywhere.

Unless your hands and your lover in a State of tied up, not needs, on the campus of always being alone to nowhere. You and your lover will also need to get along. If you are alone and then a friend who is on the campus of many who asked, “not with my boyfriend?” this means that you indeed need to reduce the frequency of community on campus. You certainly do not want to callculation a joint package of girlfriends?

5. Solider.

If your loved one is being involved in conflict with one of her friends, you don’t have to join to feel not happy on your beloved friend. Better be neutral. And vice versa, don’t force your loved one come into hostile friend who you don’t like.

  1. Guests are not invited.

Kalmar is okay. But if reckless infiltrated class lovers just want to tandem, the style of your loved one is not very sympathetic. It looks like no other time. You get to meet him after the finish of the class right?

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How to date in 140 characters

Many ways that can be done to date, starting with the romantic way to unique ways. And quite an interesting thing today is out on a date by utilizing social media technologies like twitter with 140 characters. And it turns out there have been many a romantic love story of 140 characters are loaded. And here are tips for How to date in 140 characters that can help your romance relationship success:

  • Utilizing Luv@FirstTweet

To make the 140 character become the success in getting the pair then you need to register on the site then follow the account @LuvAtFirstTweet. For those of you who have already registered then every day you will get the question and answer as often as possible until you will get the matching pairs according to the algorithm that applies on twitter. Twitter will adjust your response against another account owner that suits you. Questions asked whatsoever are certainly fundamental questions and minor such as food or a favorite song and other things that need to be noticed and matching.

But of all the advantages you get from social media technologies, then you should make use of them as best as possible so that your love story into a romantic story with the right partner and you expect.

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Why Men today won’t commit

This is the basic problem of this era with almost majority of the men around. Just when a girl thinks that things have made progress and it is time that the guy will commit, the guy proves her wrong and vanishes from the scene as if nothing had occurred between the two of you.

Why is it that men today do not commit to their relationship and walk away as soon as they realize it is time to give it a name? The answer is pretty simple. The problem lies with the way we have formulated a very disposable lifestyle around us. Have you ever seen any young person around you sticking to the same job for a longer period of time? From gadgets to jobs, we do not stick to the same one for more than two years. The same is the case with relationships. Men today, do not consider the possibility of a long term relationship.

Even when a man finds the woman of his life, he focuses more on making a career and achieving the financial stability that he has set for himself before he settles. This in turn makes men think that a commitment would be a hurdle for them to achieve their dreams. The fear of commitment and the desire to be stable before settling, does not allow men to commit to even the perfect woman. However, the scenario should not have been like this.

When you find the woman of your dreams, you should not let her go. All the monetary achievements and career achievements will come on their own and your woman will prove to be a supporting pillar for you to achieve them.

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Signs she is not just that into you

Sometimes you get caught up in the middle ground where you do not know whether she is treating you just like a friend and genuinely does not want to indulge in anything more, or is she just trying to give you hints for something more. You can easily determine this by looking at these simple facts.

  1. She doesn’t reply to your texts or messages. You may find yourself texting her but do not find her replying back as often. This is the most basic sign that she is not that much interested in you.
  2. She deliberately tells you she has a boyfriend. Even if you get know that she does not have a boyfriend but tells you otherwise, is a very strong signal that she is not that into you. She just wants you as a friend, and nothing more.
  3. She cancels plans. If you find her cancelling plans with you very often then my friend, she is trying to ignore you and does not want you to be more than a friend only. There is no point in pursuing her as she will not change her mind for you.

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How you can make her feel pleasant

Comfort and pleasure in a relationship is indeed sought and desired by every human being. And to make it become real, certainly not wait for miracles come approached your relationship. You own that should create a pleasant atmosphere together with the couple so that you also get the same thing same blissful from a partner. And here are tips for How to feel pleasant all the time here:

1.Give a surprisefor your spouse

To create a relationship so didn’t feel monotonous, then you should create a different thing from the previous day. And highly recommended if you occasionally give a surprise to your partner as a very small gift-giving meaning to your spouse.

2.Appreciate the couple

And here’s the most important key in a relationship is mutual respect. Not all things that exist within the couple preferred, but when you don’t like it then it is highly recommended to appreciate each other and no cussing or ridicule.


There is no relationship that survived and this makes very comfortable and happy couples when they’re beside you. avoid for behaving as though worse would have thought and believe that your spouse always give the best for you.

And that’s 3 tips for How to feel here pleasant all the time and make up a fun atmosphere when together, avoid small contention that make your relationship becomes uncomfortable with that then your partner will always be happy to be along with you. Good luck and Godspeed.

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How to make her feel cool while cooking with her

Spend time with spouse is a time of special and becomes unforgettable memories. When cooking with any partner will develop a variety of warmth or harmony in the relationship. And at this time that you really need to get rid of your ego and stop being the most perfect figure, is enough to show the attitude you are natural. And if you get too giddy thinking about tomorrow to cook together then the following are tips on How to cook with her:

  1. Mutual understanding and there is nothing to feel great

Little things kind of dissent that trivialis sometimes it triggers contention. And when you are cooking together a couple, then get rid of all the problems that happened in your relationship and listen to the opinions of each then decide together about the menu that will be cooked in or about the materials that will be used. By cooking together then it means that you prosecuted for clever couples collaborated together to create special dishes.

  1. Give attention to each event

Cooking with pair be dating a very enjoyable and when it is, then don’t be so serious with your dishes. Consider your spouse, how her holding a knife, place the food or when sampling the cuisine of the is presented. There is no harm if you hug your partner from the rear while helping him slice up the ingredients and give it a light Peck on her. Guaranteed dating your cooking will be more unforgettable.

A lot of interesting things and full of love when cooking together and make the most of the moment by doing 2 important tips.

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Why men is always choosy while finding a partner

The life of romance or married life is having a considerable influence on the development and condition of the emotional person. People who have a good romance life are believed to have stable emotional conditions. So that is one thing that is important when choosing a mate, as this will determine your happiness in your life.

When looking for a partner, everyone has certain points must exist at his partner. This happens on both men and women. And here is the reason why men is always choosy while finding a partner:

  1. Want to understand

The purpose of having a spouse is able to make the heart become more peaceful, make life better and make some things become very valuable. And this is a natural trait that any man is a figure who would like to understand by his partner. When a woman has always understood about the conditions experienced by his partner, then all these things will be realized.

  1. The support is best of mates

Both men and woman is being equally need the support of his closest people mainly from his partner. But in this case the usually man is the backbone of the family in meeting the needs of the Fund. In the process, men sometimes tired and in need of support from her partner, even the support becomes a thing of value that can be uplifting.

  1. It took a friend fighting

To achieve a happy life along with a partner, could not only one party who should be fighting, but both parties have to do it. And this is what makes men extremely thorough in choosing a partner that will accompany each stride.

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