Signs she is not just that into you

Sometimes you get caught up in the middle ground where you do not know whether she is treating you just like a friend and genuinely does not want to indulge in anything more, or is she just trying to give you hints for something more. You can easily determine this by looking at these simple facts.

  1. She doesn’t reply to your texts or messages. You may find yourself texting her but do not find her replying back as often. This is the most basic sign that she is not that much interested in you.
  2. She deliberately tells you she has a boyfriend. Even if you get know that she does not have a boyfriend but tells you otherwise, is a very strong signal that she is not that into you. She just wants you as a friend, and nothing more.
  3. She cancels plans. If you find her cancelling plans with you very often then my friend, she is trying to ignore you and does not want you to be more than a friend only. There is no point in pursuing her as she will not change her mind for you.

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