Remember the dates

By dates here we mean actual calendar dates. As it happens that we get so stuck in work and day to day activities that we often forget some of the most significant dates that revolve around our lives. This is especially true for men. Here we are not talking about public holidays. Those are not the ones that may get you in trouble when forgotten. We are talking about personal events of life and the dates concerning those events.

For instance, the day you both met, the birthday of your loved one, your wedding anniversary, etc. These are some of the that are very dear to everyone and your partner expects you to remember such important dates.

However, what happens when you forget such a date? Well, the consequences might be very dire and if you are a man, you will not stop hearing about it until the next year.

What makes them so important is that they are special and are there to remind you every year that something good happened in your life and you must cherish it. Everyone is busy and troubled with the daily life, it is like these that provide a source of true happiness to one’s life. These are not just dates, they are a reminder to you that your life is still beautiful and will remain to be more beautiful and blessed for days to come.

Therefore, cherish the moments. Remember all the important dates and make your loved one feel special in any way you can.

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