Lessen the Drama, Increase the Bonding

It is a very common dilemma among many of women that we think that if we play hard to get and if we become hard and unapproachable and non negotiable in arguments, our guy might want us more. It is the nature of women that we make men squirm and we want to prove to them that they did something wrong and should now make it right and perfect even it is just a very tiny thing. There are times when we just enjoy throwing tantrums because then you guys give us all the attention we want.

However, to every lady who does this should know that it is not a very good approach to claim his attention. You may grab his attention and care for some time, but doing so every now and then will eventually drag him away from you.

It is not a matter of gaining attention, you should also be the one giving him your wholehearted time, care, love, and attention. It is a time when you can grow and strengthen your bond, you should cherish your time with him and make every moment the most beautiful moment of each other’s life. When you throw unnecessary tantrums, it just ruins the moment and make you seem like an immature person in his eyes. He may not say so but he would eventually want to get away. Men want peace and caring and they definitely want their women to be less dramatic.

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