How to make him Jealous

One of the oldest and the most used weapon by a woman on her man is playing the jealousy card. One of the main reasons of playing the jealousy card is to know how much the man is into the woman. However, as much as women like to watch their men getting jealous, it sometimes backfires too.

There is a limit to anything you should do and women should know that it is not a good thing to make your man jealous. The ultimate result that it will incorporate is that your man will eventually get distant and it will in turn ruin the relationship for you. This is not something you should do.

Moreover, when you are in the initial stages of your relationship and you feel as if you want to test a bit about his feelings for you then it is alright to make him a bit jealous. However, you should make sure that you do not over do it.

When you are in the strongest bonds of your relationship then no matter what you do he will never get jealous and he will always know what shenanigans you are up to. And this is the best part of the relationship. This is where both of you know and understand how much you love each other. In this stage of the relationship your level of trust for each other is at a very high level and if you try to make him Jealous, chances are that he will know about it in the first second and will only laugh it.


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