How to impress your woman and keep your relationship healthy

Really in life we are meant to succeed, and failure should feel bad to us. One of the most important aspects in life is our relationship with our other half.   We wish it to work and be healthy; however for us to achieve this goal we should be prepare to be committed and to concentrate in the other person lovingly. With these ideas in mind we have put together the top five ways to impress a woman and keep the relationship going:

  1. Understanding each other. This way you become stronger as a couple. Spend time together and talk about yourselves. To impress her, you should be really tuned to yourself and be truthful and honest. Have personality and be real. What impresses a woman is personality. Listen to each other and do not be superficial, go a little bit deeper into each other mentality and try and find a common ground.

Do not decide quickly or after first impressions, help each other make up your mind. True love is based on a real knowledge of the person’s essential self and this takes time, there is some danger in believing that only love that happens at first sight is valid.


  1. Listen, listen, and listen. Listen to her and do not judge her. Do not interrupt when she is talking. Wait until she has finished. Accept what she has to say and do not try and influence her thoughts. Enjoy listening to her and reassure that you are listening. Don’t discuss her points until you have thought about them. Give yourself time and when raising matters again, be thoughtful and compassionate. However, make sure you are also able to express your feelings are thoughts.

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