“How to dress up on your first date”

First date?


For most of us to decide what to wear on a first date is really hard. We go through a couple of wardrobe changes before we make a final ensemble, but nice clothes, clean face and a nice pair of shoes seems like an obvious decision for a good impression on the first date.


Starting with the clothes, your body parts are of course not changeable features so beautify them with your sense of clothing.


Wear what makes you comfortable, you are confident in and easy to carry and make you feel proud in and outwear something that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd, different and unique.


This is the part where you can add up a nice pair of earrings funky scarf or some leggings or stockings to give yourself some individuality.

Focus on your best features like highlight your cheeks, adding a lot of mascara to your eyes. Employ your best hair style, in which you are comfortable as well as standing out.

A nice pair of heels is all you need. Don’t break out with a new hair style make the one which suits you. Nail color is essential and give your personality a highlight. Make yourself clean and neat. Avoid using extra perfumes.

Be polite and be yourself.

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