How to date in 140 characters

Many ways that can be done to date, starting with the romantic way to unique ways. And quite an interesting thing today is out on a date by utilizing social media technologies like twitter with 140 characters. And it turns out there have been many a romantic love story of 140 characters are loaded. And here are tips for How to date in 140 characters that can help your romance relationship success:

  • Utilizing Luv@FirstTweet

To make the 140 character become the success in getting the pair then you need to register on the site then follow the account @LuvAtFirstTweet. For those of you who have already registered then every day you will get the question and answer as often as possible until you will get the matching pairs according to the algorithm that applies on twitter. Twitter will adjust your response against another account owner that suits you. Questions asked whatsoever are certainly fundamental questions and minor such as food or a favorite song and other things that need to be noticed and matching.

But of all the advantages you get from social media technologies, then you should make use of them as best as possible so that your love story into a romantic story with the right partner and you expect.

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