He misses you

Men are not very open when it comes to feelings. Often times, they themselves are not aware of what they are feeling as they consider certain feelings to not be a part of their entire emotional system. Yet, they are human beings and like all human being men too have feelings. However, the various ways that men express various feelings and sentiments is different from ladies. Let us talk about how a man expresses the feeling of missing the girl he loves.

Your man may not say it, but it would be obvious to you that he misses you when he does the following:

  1. Sends you mundane texts. He is a person and he clearly misses you and wants to talk to you. However, he does not know what to say therefore, he texts you whatever comes to his mind even if it is totally irrelevant stuff. Cherish this moment and take time out to talk to him.
  2. He gets angry at you. The reason here is that he is frustrated. He misses you and he does not know it and does not know how to deal with it. Therefore, he gets mad at you. Sounds paradoxical, but that is how men are when it comes to matters of heart.
  3. He asks for your pictures. These include morning pictures, bed time pictures and even the most random ones. He just wants to look at you and admire how beautiful his girl is.
  4. He complains you do not have time for him. This happens when he misses you and he feels that you are neglecting him. This is when he feels so down and sad that you are not with him that he clearly states his sadness.

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