Forgiveness is the key for better relationship

Making mistakes is a human trait. Expecting a person to be perfect and not to make mistakes is the same as expecting not to feel the heat while you are standing under the sun. The same things happens in a relationship. How many times have you found yourself that your partner has made a mistake, has let you down in some way and has either realized their mistake and apologized or has not yet realized their mistake. It happens often, what makes everyone different is their way of dealing with this situation.

The thing to understand here is that a relationship is not a contract and your partner is not your employee. Both of you are bound to make mistakes. However, forgiving the other person makes it easier to nourish your relationship.

Why do people take long to forgive the other person even when they have apologized for their deed? One of the very simple answer is that they are hurt beyond measure and a part of their ego is not letting them let it go. This is one of the most toxic things you can do that will make your relationship bad one way or the other.

The best thing to do is let go and do not let ego get into your relationship. Let your relationship blossom, understand the faults of each other and accept your partner with their good as well as their bad habits. Make each other a better person but do not let each other feel bad about themselves.

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