Don’t dwell in the past

Everyone has a past and it may have a good or a bad impact on people. The experiences of the past are very important as they teach a lot of things to people, especially when these experiences are your past relationships.

However, if you really ask yourself that is it a good idea to dwell in past relationships and talk about them when you just enter new ones. Well, the simple answer is no.

New relationships are about giving yourself a better chance at life, sure you have to tell your partner about the things that are related to your past that somehow shape your present and your future, but the idea is to indulge them when you are sure that your partner and you are ready to take that step. Never rush into the step where you tell each other the secrets of your past, it may be too soon and may not have a very good impact on your relationship. Therefore, a better idea is to see where your relationship leads you and then talk about everything in detail when you have reached that level of comfort.

Moreover, you on your part have to make yourself understand that what was done in the past should remain in the past and all the bad experiences should not impact your future. We all have bad things happened to u in our past and mistakes made that cannot be mended, however, they should not stop us from moving forward. However, there should be the determination not to make the same mistakes again.

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