Do you Like Sexting?

Sex and romance go hand in hand. Your life and especially your relationship is incomplete if there is not a mix of romance and sex in it.
However, you cannot always have sex. But you can be romantic most of the time. This is when sexting comes in.
The first and foremost thing about sexting is that it is fun. And it is totally harmless. And the next best thing about sexting is that it a great way to spice things up between you and your partner.
Sexting is the only kind of sex in many long distance relationships. If your and your partner are away, and you need the physical connection with each other, then sexting comes to the rescue.
Moreover, even if you live in the same city, you can spice things up through sexting. The thing about this kind of sexting is that then it does not only remain flirtatious and sexy messages being sent between partners, it is a kind of foreplay. It enables both of them to look forward to each other and acts as an unspoken vow as to what might be expected later on. Sexting in such a case gives the couple to be prepared and ready and make their evening more fun and memorable.
It helps strengthen the bond of two people. You get to know a lot about the other person by the way they send you sext messages. You get to know if the person is your kind of kinky or not.
Sexting is the kind of pleasure that ensure just the appropriate amount of teasing and making moves at the same time.
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