Best shoes you should try on first date

Something that should be best used for authorized when dating 1st due date which will probably change your life be happy because of the presence of a companion to the life of your dreams before.

Handsome is not enough, an outfit that fits well is not enough if the accessories in the form of shoes you wear does not match with your clothes or even does not match the mood of your date.

Then the following are tips for choosing the Best shoes you should try on first date:

  1. The latest shoes models that are hits

This could be the best shoe recommendations that should be imposed when the first date, you’ll feel more confident with using the newest model shoes that still hits. This indicates that you possess a taste and a good view of appearances, especially the shoes.

  1. Avoid shoes that are too flashy

Though want to look attractive, you don’t have to even you are advised to avoid shoes that are too striking either of its color or design. Don’t blame the condition if the people surrounding you consider weird because shoes uses are too flashy and attract people’s attention.

  1. Shoes with dark colors

These kinds of shoes that will make you look more balanced. However, customize the color of your pants and select color more dark.

Whatever type of shoes you wear, make sure that you use a shoe that fits the situation and condition of the place a date, use the shoe clean and adjust the also with accessories that you choose. With this the appearance you will be the best performance when dating.

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