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Lessen the Drama, Increase the Bonding

It is a very common dilemma among many of women that we think that if we play hard to get and if we become hard and unapproachable and non negotiable in arguments, our guy might want us more. It is the nature of women that we make men squirm and we want to prove to […]

Make your way to his Heart

This is for all the girls who want to make their relationship more strong and want to make their way to his heart and be a permanent resident there. It is one of the best feelings to be loved by him even more than you love him. However, it should also be kept in mind […]

Teary Relationship

Are you in a relationship? Do you think you think you are happy? However, do you find yourself crying over every tiny mishap, fight, argument? This is a very critical situation that you have to clearly look into and know that what has made your relationship this way. Whether you are a girl or a […]

He misses you

Men are not very open when it comes to feelings. Often times, they themselves are not aware of what they are feeling as they consider certain feelings to not be a part of their entire emotional system. Yet, they are human beings and like all human being men too have feelings. However, the various ways […]

Do you Like Sexting?

Sex and romance go hand in hand. Your life and especially your relationship is incomplete if there is not a mix of romance and sex in it. However, you cannot always have sex. But you can be romantic most of the time. This is when sexting comes in. The first and foremost thing about sexting […]

Don’t dwell in the past

Everyone has a past and it may have a good or a bad impact on people. The experiences of the past are very important as they teach a lot of things to people, especially when these experiences are your past relationships. However, if you really ask yourself that is it a good idea to dwell […]

He Wants a Break

There may com a point in some couples life when your man may want to have a little break from the relationship. Often, a break is considered a red signal in a relationship. However, it is not the case always. It is a fact that when a guys says that the relationship needs a break, […]

When love someone truly

It is natural for humans that when they love someone truly, they start sacrificing things for their loved one because as the love grow, priorities change and priorities change from personal benefits to the happiness of their loved one because seeing them happy is more comforting than trying to gain happiness from any other source. […]

About men which you must have to know about

Man comes alone in this world, he has his personal needs to fulfill in this world but this doesn’t really mean that he will stay all his life alone. Whenever we talk about living beings, one thing to be noticed is that we do always think about pair, we talk about couples because we just […]

Tips for Successful Dating

There are many people who want to take a shortcut and just skip the process of dating and take the highway. However, if you are looking for love and companionship, then you have to first have successful dates. This article is all about how you can make your dates successful. Know yourself This is the […]