5 tips to let couples always safe

In a relationship does indeed make a happy, but does not mean happiness it comes casually without obstacles. Sometimes there is just the behavior of couples who make us head, and sometimes there is also time we wonder, what we see from the couples. Yes right?

Well, courting ordinary had many challenges, let alone long-distance courtship? Long distance relationship often really eat the victims, whether they are courting new, not long courtship, or even a serious courtship. How to do so that long distance relationship you are safe and not so one of their victims?

1.Create a sort of ritual

Make it a habit to make a sort of routines together couples who never fails you do every day. Simple things like always say good morning when waking up or good sleep before going into a dream world also wrote enough, to make you feel significant in couple days.

2.Diligent communication

Communication is one of the most important thing in keeping a relationship, and the distance that separates you same the boyfriend makes communication becomes much more important. Remember, Yes, “communication” does not mean merely chatting about things that are not important, but it is precisely in conversation, for example about what is perceived and thought of you and your partner. It’s when you and your boyfriend can already and the usual blather about things in such a relationship you guys can thrive and always safe.

3.Video call

Take advantage of the technology that took the time to speak directly with a girlfriend via Skype, or special applications partner who offers a video call feature. Believe, chatting face to face, even though the monitor via the smart phone or computer, it feels so different from the same chat via telephone, let alone chat. Via video call, you can see each other and each other’s expression, that make you guys more meaningful communication. If the time difference you and girlfriend just an hour or two hours, you guys can do video call this ritual every night before bed, for example. If the time difference you guys make it difficult, once a week is also quite. Remember, keep a good relationship that there should be efforts from all parties concerned!

4.Create a mailbox for a variety of situations

Before you or the girlfriend went to the city/country of destination (because of the College for example), invite a girlfriend make a mailbox. This mailbox is not in front of the House to pack post, Yes. This mailbox is the mailbox contents are the letters to the boyfriend who she can at certain times. Write letters for when boyfriends again miss the same you, when you more angry the same girlfriend, when angry again same girlfriend ye, and others according to needs and characteristics you and a partner. Remind again why do you and a girlfriend you love each other.

5.Doing something together-together

The distance should not hinder creativity in you and girlfriend in creating togetherness. You can find the time and watch a movie on the laptop with us via Skype-, for example. You reaction and certainly exciting reaction time boyfriend watch scene serem, or funny.

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