5 things never to say to a girl while dating

As cool as a couple seems to the outside world, there is a lot of effort that went into making it one. Dating is the first part of a making a long lasting relationship, it’s the first steps to deciding if the relationship will work out so playing the cards right matters a lot. Some people, even with all their love are void of some basic rules of what not to say. So here are a few “never to say”:

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Don’t say Good bye to your loved one!

Sweet moments of laughter, hours of joy and then tears of pain and heartache! These are all things each one of us feels in a relationship. There are good days and there are bad days, but it is important to know when it is finally time to bid goodbye!

Here are some signs to look for!

1.When the bad outweighs the good

There comes a time in your relationship when everything becomes an issue and it is barely possible to keep peace. When ego is huge and pride takes the lead, nothing can be reconciled under such circumstances. It only gets worse after this and leaves a sour taste to the good moments you have spent together. It may be difficult but you must be able to walk away because in the long run it will serve you both well.

2.When you no more feel happy around him/ her

When every meeting is an argument, every topic becomes a heated debate and it leaves you feeling confused, then you know that it is time to move on. A relationship based on fighting and bickering will only add more instability into your work and other areas of your life impacting the wellness of your health and mind. So if it is bringing more pain than joy, then its time you take that bold step and leave. Life always has its way of rewarding us back with sweet surprises! Set yourself free from pain and commotion.

3.When your lover gives a rat’s ass to your emotions

When your pain, tears and sleepless nights mean nothing to the person you are in a relationship with, it means he or she does not really care about your heart, and if someone you love does not honor your heart then there is no reason why you should waste even a second with that person. There are better reasons to live for than such a relationship! Do yourself a favor, run as far away from such people and toxic relationship as you can, you will thank your lucky charm for taking that step later on in your life.

Take my word for it, set you free! And yeah, don’t forget to share your story below! We are waiting how you did it!

Set free, breathe fresh air of freedom and experience the joy of being single and happy again.

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